PAPASU Co., Ltd.

PAPASU Co., Ltd.

Our goal is to expand our group
share throughout Tokyo

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President and Director of Store Sales Division Ryo Kouchi

President and Representative Director
and Director of Store Sales Division

Ryo Kouchi

Under the motto “Your town’s life convenience store,” our aim is to become a community-based drugstore that is loved by its customers.

Our motto is “to stand in the shoes of our customers when conducting business and to create stores loved by them.” In order to achieve this, we believe that customer satisfaction comes before anything else, and we do everything within our power to not only make sure that all stores are fully stocked with products that cater to customer needs, but also to substantiate our employee training programs. We will never rest our laurels on believing we have satisfied our customers. We will always aim for even higher levels of satisfaction, and work hard to create a company that exudes individuality in which employees are happy to work. We will also contribute to local society in our role of self-medication advisor. We will continue to develop and grow together with our customers in the community as a “convenient store for the town’s lifestyles.”

Corporate name
PAPASU Co., Ltd.
4-8-3 Yokokawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0003 Japan
November, 1989
Working toward area dominance in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba Prefecture

Business Contents

  • Drugstores

    Drugstores are the core business of PAPASU and provide a wide variety of products at reasonable prices based on the various lifestyles of our customers. In this way, we contribute to the betterment of society.

  • Pharmacies

    Aiming to become “family pharmacies” for our customers, our businesses contribute to society through our abundant expertise, careful handling of prescriptions, professional advice, and sincere, heartfelt service.

Store Introduction

  • Drug Papasu Senkawa Eki-Mae Store

    Aiming at becoming an indispensable store for our customers as a “convenient store for the town’s lifestyles” intimately linked into the 23 wards of Tokyo in alignment with our corporate philosophy of standing in the shoes of our customers to create stores loved by them.

  • Drug Papasu Okudo Store

    The first floor contains a drugstore combined with a prescription pharmacy and the second floor contains a combined Medical Mall care facility, both of which provide assistance to the local people in their quest for anxiety-free lifestyles.

Initiatives for Inbound Travelers

  • Drug Papasu Asakusa Kaminarimon Store

    Located in a busy tourist area, this store is fully stocked with a wide range of products targeting overseas visitors.
    It also stocks the products required by people who live in the local community.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • We support and sponsor the Chiba Prefecture Child Welfare Facility Council Marathon, which is held in winter every year, by giving out heat pads.