Matsumotokiyoshi Kyusyu Co., Ltd.

Matsumotokiyoshi Kyusyu Co., Ltd.

Aiming to expand the group’s market share in the Kyushu Region"

Top Message
President Hiroshi Kamimura

President and Representative Director
Hiroshi Kamimura

Aiming to be a company that contributes to the community as a specialist in health and beauty.

Matsumotokiyoshi Kyusyu Co., Ltd. was newly established on April 1, 2012 through a company name change from MIDORIYAKUHIN Co., Ltd., for the purpose of taking over the handling of drugstore business in the Kyushu Region (wholly owned outlets in the Kyushu region and Shimonoseki City in Yamaguchi Prefecture) of Matsumotokiyoshi Co., Ltd., and consolidating administration in that region and market, thereby increasing the efficiency of management and establishing a solid structure in the Kyushu Region.

Japan is facing a low birthrate and an aging population, the markets are shrinking, and the needs of the customer are becoming more diverse. In the Kyushu Region as well, differences are emerging between business/entertainment districts and areas immediately around train stations, and residential areas, suburbs, and other residential areas, in the product lineups and services expected by customers in those areas. Our strength is our ability to provide detailed support for those needs and become the trusted and community-based family drugstore for our customers.

Corporate name
Matsumotokiyoshi Kyusyu Co., Ltd.
6-24-20 Iikura, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 814-0161 Japan
August, 1984
Working toward area dominance centered on the Kyushu Region

Business Contents

  • Drugstores

    Eager to maintain personal contact with our customers, we do our best to sell medical and cosmetic products after consultation. Our goal is to contribute to the health and beauty of everyone in our communities. We place a person in charge at each section, such as the medicine sales section and cosmetic sales section, to give customers every opportunity to discuss their needs and get advice in our face-to-face sales.

  • Pharmacies

    As doctors and pharmacies become separate operations, we have begun operating pharmacies in our drugstores. This allows us to become further specialized and contribute to local medical services as a family drugstore.

Store Introduction

  • Matsumotokiyoshi Canal City Hakata Store

    The store is located 10 minutes on foot from Hakata Station, on the Basement Floor in the Business Center Building of Canal City. The Tenjin area, Kyushu’s largest business and entertainment district, is also nearby, making the area around the store a gathering place for many people. We have many female customers, and with a full-scale cosmetics corner near the store’s entrance, beauty products are big sellers. Because Canal City is a commercial complex, it is visited by many tourists, and the area is bustling each day with customers who have come to Canal City.

Unique Approaches

  • We are rolling out concept stores that specialize in supporting women′s health and beauty. About 80% of the products on sale are cosmetics, and we also carry many brands that no other store in Kyushu has. Through a high level of specialization in cosmetics and ensuring detailed customer service, and by leveraging ourselves as a place to find the latest information about beauty, this is an urban-type store that allows for an enhanced shopping experience.