Matsumotokiyoshi Kou-Shin-Etsu Co., Ltd.

Matsumotokiyoshi Kou-Shin-Etsu Co., Ltd.

Aiming to have the top share in the Koshinestsu and Hokuriku areas

Top Message
President Hiroshi Ando

President and Representative Director
Hiroshi Ando

Its strengths are promoting community comprehensive care models (expansion of health-support pharmacies), as well as highly skilled customer service by qualified professionals.

In July 2009, Nagano-based Kenko Kazoku Drug Corporation merged with MAX Co., Ltd. (Niigata) to become Matsumotokiyoshi Kou-Shin-Etsu Co., Ltd. Later, we also absorbed Nakajima Family Pharmacy Co., Ltd. (northern Nagano) in January 2012 and ITAYAMAMEDICO Co., Ltd (Yamanashi) in October 2015, strengthening our community-based store rollout in the Koshinetsu region.  In April 2020, we positioned the Koshinetsu and Hokuriku regions as one of our dominant areas following a review of our classification of the country into seven areas, and absorbed SHIMENO Co., Ltd., a company with stores mainly in the prefectures of Ishikawa, Toyama, Fukui, and Gifu, in order to deploy policies more effectively with more efficient operating costs and to enhance lineups that match the needs of these regions and customers.We want to be a store beloved by customers and vital for their health and beauty. That is why we aim to expand our business in ways rooted in the community, covering all our customers’s daily needs by enhancing our lineup of foods and daily goods, while still basing our drugstore business on health and beauty.  In the pharmacies business, we promote the “Nagano Model” of local, comprehensive care that reinforces community links within home care, aiming to strengthen our specialization as well as being able to deal with outpatient prescriptions.

We aim to become a company that can contribute greatly to local communities under the banner of “Being trusted to provide customers and patients with regional medical care, and being a store that is indispensable to the health and beauty fields.” In our drugstore business, we draw on our strengths in health and beauty to cover the entirety of our customers’ lifestyles, including foods and daily goods. In the prescriptions business, we aim to become pharmacies that can comprehensively support patients, working with the region and various jobs, and based on the construction of a community comprehensive care model (Nagano Model, Suwa Model).

Corporate name
Matsumotokiyoshi Kou-Shin-Etsu Co., Ltd.
1393-3 Tsurugamidori-cho, Nagano-shi, Nagano 380-0813 Japan
March, 1993
Stores open in the Koshinetsu Region

Business Contents

  • Drugstores

    We promote our drugstore business with the watchword of “thinking about health and beauty.” We actively propose products that suit each life stage of our customers in order to make their lives more filled with fun, joy, and surprises.

  • Pharmacies

    In addition to our core, dispensing prescriptions, we are strengthening initiatives for person-to-person work, such as home care drug dispensing and being the local pharmacy in response to revisions to the healthcare system and the social environment. We combine our expertise in handling prescription medications with the convenience of a drugstore to contribute to the healthy lives of our customers.

Store Introduction

  • matsukiyoLAB CoCoLo Niidata Store

    matsukiyoLAB 岡山駅B-1店

    くすりのラブ 福田店

  • Drugstore, matsumotokiyoshiCoCoLo Niigata Store


    We are opening both suburban-type stores as well as tenant stores within station buildings or shopping centers in the Koshinestsu and Hokuriku areas, continuing our efforts to be able to propose products to local customers and provide customer service with advanced specialization, especially for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

  • Drugstore, Karuizawa Store

    We operate a store combining a prescription pharmacy in Karuizawa, a prominent sightseeing spot in Nagano Prefecture. Due to the nature of this region, we not only have a lot of local customers but tourists as well, so our sales activities are done from a customer-centric perspective, polite and attentive, so that people of all ages and places of origin can enjoy shopping.

Unique Approaches

  • Initiatives for Regional Medical Care

    More than 30% of the population of Nagano Prefecture are elderly people, a higher number than the major urban areas, or even the national average. In an environment like this, we are strengthening our initiatives for person-to-person work, including establishing sterile dispensing facilities, becoming the local, family pharmacy, home care drug dispensing and so on as ways we can contribute to regional medical care and the health of local residents. In addition, in the community comprehensive care model stores, we work to turn them into health-support pharmacies and community cooperation pharmacies.

Franchise Stores

  • Soma Shoji Ltd.
    (HQ) Saku-shi, Nagano Pref.