Matsumotokiyoshi Group Co., Ltd.

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代表取締役社長 松本 清雄

President and Representative Director
Kiyoo Matsumoto

After MatsukiyoCocokara & Co. Inc. has been established, the companies affiliated with the Matsumotokiyoshi Group will be split in accordance with the administrative management functions and sales management functions that they are in charge of and Matsumotokiyoshi Group Co., Ltd. will act as an interim holding company to create a system of integral management.
The interim holding company will ensure that all Group strategies and policies, etc., permeate into all Group companies and are managed appropriately.

Corporate name
Matsumotokiyoshi Group Co., Ltd.
9-1 Shinmatsudo-Higashi, Matsudo-shi, Chiba 270-8511 Japan
+81-47-344-5110(general inquiries)
October 1, 2021


List of Officers

Chairman and Representative Director Namio Matsumoto
President and Representative Director Kiyoo Matsumoto
Senior Managing Director Takashi Matsumoto
Director: Administrative Management Shingo Obe
Director: Sales Management Akio Ishibashi
Auditor Hisao Honta