Matsumotokiyoshi East Co., Ltd.

Matsumotokiyoshi East Co., Ltd.

Retail outlets rooted in communities
in eastern Japan

Top Message
President Shoichi Tada

President and Representative Director
Shoichi Tada

Always bearing in mind the smiles of our customers, we do our best to provide people in the community with health and more abundant lifestyles.

In October 2015, we merged with DARUMA DRUG STORE CO., LTD. which has been one of the top performers in terms of both business history and scope, opening up drugstores and pharmacies in the Tohoku region, Miyagi Prefecture in particular, ever since it’s founding in 1946. Our mission is to expand our Group’s share in the East Japan area.

Our basic idea is “Thanks-that single word makes us happy,” and to truly place the customer first, we provide customer interaction services based on the stance of each individual customer, as well as consultations that make use of our specializations in health and beauty, to increase customer satisfaction. Being offered that single word, “Thanks,” as often as possible is what gives us, the staff of Matsumotokiyoshi East Co, Ltd., our job satisfaction. This prompts all of us employees to strive every day for an even higher level of professional services, as we assist customers in their pursuit of health and beauty.

Corporate name
Matsumotokiyoshi East Co., Ltd.
Sendai MKD Building 3rd floor, 2-2-24 Chuo, Aoba-ku,Sendai-shi, Miyagi 980-0021 Japan
October, 2006
Working toward area dominance in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Northern Kanto, and other areas of eastern Japan

Business Contents

  • Drugstores

    Our stores sell a wide range of products and offer advice based on the needs of customers. Through our consulting sales service we are improving our standing as trusted stores in our communities.

  • Pharmacies

    Deploying pharmacy/drugstores in mainly station buildings, we are aiming to become the best in the community, providing customers with everything from preventive medicine to prescription drugs.

Unique Approaches

  • CSR Activities

    In order to solve the worries our regional customers have regarding health and beauty, and to provide them with information, we hold H&B-related consumer seminars in addition to providing goods.

Store Introduction

  • matsukiyo LAB Utsunomiya
    Paseo Store

    We are rolling out our new-style stores, matsukiyo LAB, to cater to the diversifying needs of our customers. Featuring SUPPLEMENT Bar, HEALTHCARE Lounge, and BEAUTYCARE Studio, these stores can offer detailed advice on everything from the optimal products, health and nutrition management, to beauty secrets, listening sympathetically to our customer's concerns about health and beauty.

  • Pharmacy store
    Sendai Eki-Mae Store

    We are opening stores in station buildings, the surrounding areas, shopping districts and shopping centers throughout the East Japan area. We are serving local customers to maintain their beauty and health, developing our specialty mainly in medicines and cosmetics.

  • Drugstore
    Shimotsuke Koganei Store

    We are opening suburban-type drugstores that carry daily goods and foods centered around medicines, health foods and cosmetics to serve as lifestyle stores in the East Japan area. These will provide convenient access to safe and anxiety-free beauty and health, and act as lifestyle stores for customers within the community.