MCC soleil Co.,Ltd.

Contributing to society through the activities of a diverse range of human resources (human assets) and disabled persons.

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President Yoichi Fujishiro

President Yoichi Fujishiro

 Aiming to be a company where anyone can continue to work energetically, we are creating a new working style where a range of people can exercise their strengths, contributing to the company and society.

As a special subsidiary, MCC soleil strives to create a new working style that enables people with and without disabilities to fulfil their potential, and to develop human resources who can contribute to the company and society.

To allow the employees working at the more than Group stores throughout Japan to dedicate themselves to customer service, our employees carry out use-by checks, cleaning, and other store tasks, as well as a wide range of clerical work, such as making empty boxes, assisting with accounting, sorting mail and printing. We are also expanding our employment of the disabled by starting sorting goods and so on in the distribution centers.

In 2020, in recognition of our quantitative efforts to create systems, jobs, and environments for disabled employees, as well as in terms of employment and retention, and in our qualitative efforts such as satisfaction and career development, we became a certified company under the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour’s Monisu Certification System, which recognizes outstanding small and medium-sized businesses for their efforts to encourage the employment of and retain disabled persons. We believe that our initiatives will become a role model, leading to the expansion of hiring diverse human resources and disabled persons in regional areas, helping normalize this. We shall continue to create an environment in which people can grow as working individuals and feel useful to society.

Corporate name
MCC soleil Co.,Ltd.
2-12-2 Miyoshi-cho, Fuchu, Tokyo, 183-0045 Japan
December 25 2014

Business Contents

  • ■Store support work (cleaning)

    Store support work (cleaning)

    Employees clean stores, cut the grass, and more. They are responsible for assisting in the running of the store by welcoming customers with a smile and a greeting as they work. Their work is checked by the leader, and reported to the Store Manager. In order to support and encourage each other, the day’s work is reviewed after the cleaning work is finished.

  • ■Store support work (distribution)

    Store support work (distribution)

    At the distribution centers, employees sort goods collected from stores within the area. They are also responsible for some of the work within the distribution centers, such as scrap disposal and scanning tasks. They strive to work fast, accurately, and carefully.

  • ■Office support work

    Office support work

    Office assistance tasks are mainly focused on sorting documents, exchanging tokens, and billing payment work, and mail work is based around sorting and delivering incoming mail and packages. They constantly work with precision, care, and maintain reliable delivery schedules.

Unique Approaches

Recognized as an outstanding small and medium-sized employer for the employment of disabled persons (Monisu Certification System)

  • While the Monisu Certification System has a wide range of items it evaluates, we scored particularly highly in the ratio of employees who felt satisfaction and a sense of worth in their jobs, and in addition, our retention rate for new hires over their first six months was 98.4%, indicating stable employment. These are what led to our certification. In terms of career development as well, we work to ensure a diverse range of people can contribute to society by, for example, having disabled persons act as team leader for lifestyle counselling for the disabled.

Enriched training and meetings

  • To ensure both an environment where the disabled can work with peace of mind, and exercise their potentials to the full, we hold labor training and manners training sessions for all employees every two months. In addition, we hold daily team meetings (morning and evening) where employees can find solutions for problems and concerns they had that day, and offer each other praise, helping each other achieve new heights. In this way, we strive to ensure an environment where each person can feel that they are growing on a daily basis.