MCC Associe

We contribute through our store support business, and by dispatching or introducing staff both within and beyond the Group.

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President Shinya Kasai

President Shinya Kasai

MCC Associe rehires those from within the Group who have reached the age of 60, including from drugstores, pharmacies, and office staff, and dispatches them to stores and offices as MCC Associe staff in alignment with the Group’s Retirement Age Reemployment System. We provide environments where some of the most outstanding people in the Group can continue to live productive lives even after retirement. MCC Associe is also involved dispatching and introducing human resources involved in the field of medical care outside of the company to contribute to the growth of the industry.
The store support business utilizes the human resources within the Group to take responsibility for work (mainly unboxing and displaying items) at certain stores. MCC Associe contributes to allowing store staff to reduce their workloads and focus on sales by taking over some of their tasks. We shall expand to be able to take on business support even outside the Group.
MCC Associe tackles the challenge of diversifying business, contributing to finding the right person for the right post among the Group’s human resources, and aims to become a “human resource utilization and job creation company.”

Corporate name
MCC Associe. Inc.
2-12-2 Miyoshi-cho, Fuchu, Tokyo, 183-0045 Japan
April 1, 2014
Paid Employment Agency Business
Permit Number
General worker dispatch business
permit number
派 13-309329

Business Contents

  • ■Store support work

    Store support work

    We provide support for a portion of shop tasks, such as unboxing and putting goods coming into stores on display in the early morning. By reducing the amount of work existing staff have to do, we create time for them to serve their customers, helping them focus more on sales. In addition, we intend to create more jobs by expanding into work other than early-morning setup of displays, in the form of startup support for new stores.

  • ■Promoting Hiring of Elderly Persons

    Promoting the hiring of senior citizens

    Group employees who reach 60 years old are re-hired as MCC Associe staff though the Retirement Rehiring System, and dispatched as employees to stores and offices. Utilizing pharmacists as well as people with OTC-Medicine Counselor qualifications, and the experience gained through working in this industry, we create places where people can continue to work for many years even following retirement. We are constructing a scheme where we can dispatch staff not only within the Group, but beyond.

  • ■Human Resources Services Business

    Human Resources Services Business

    We are rolling out a business that will dispatch, refer, and provide temp-to-perm placements for pharmacists, OTC-Medicine Counselors, nurses, medical office staff and so on for the purpose of helping pharmacies, hospitals, companies, and care facilities around the country employ people. We offer support through work in Group stores for those who wish to obtain OTC-Medicine Counselor manager requirements. We are preparing a program that will allow these people to choose to be dispatched or referred to other companies or continue to work in the Group, once they obtain their manager requirements.

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